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for the unique features of
Virtual Wallet on the go.

Virtual Wallet is an exclusive free¹ app for smartphones. The app offers many of the unique features of Virtual Wallet including Money Bar®, Calendar and Danger DaysSM. It even allows you to make deposits right from your mobile device. Learn More »

CalendarBills happen monthly, paydays happen weekly, and lunch happens daily. Doesn't it make sense to see all your finances that way? The calendar brings it all together.

Money BarWouldn't you like to know how much money you have to spend? The money bar shows you just that. It shows bills that have been scheduled but not yet deducted, and how much money you've set aside, so that you can easily distinguish how much money you actually have.

Mobile DepositMaking a mobile deposit is almost as easy as snapping a picture on your mobile device. You'll get immediate confirmation that your check images were uploaded successfully and, when you make a deposit before 8 PM EST, the funds will be available the following business day.
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